I am so glad that you stopped by!

I think I am in the bestest profession not because I get to document amazing love stories, but I always end up with new friends. Can it get better than that?

Its important that I ‘click’ with the couple (Pun intended ;-)).  Every Wedding is special to me and so is your story. Every couple is unique! You deserve the best and I want to make sure that I am the right choice for you… the perfect fit.
I am open to travel for assignments and weddings and take a limited number of weddings a year so it’s recommended that you reserve your date early. Weekends spots get filled quickly, so do not hesitate to give me a buzz. I would love to meet you or chat with you and hear more about the wedding.

My usual wedding charges for a day starts from Rs 40000/- onwards. Fill out the form below and I would get in touch as soon as possible.

or call me @ 9820534838 or write straight to me at info@anilfernandes.co.in